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Welcome to the Ancient DNA Lab Documentation portal

This Wiki is meant as a tool for the staff, students and visitors working in the Ancient DNA Laboratory. New users can be granted access to browse and edit the wiki by making a request to the IT-dept. The research groups that use these laboratories have affiliation with NORCE Climate, the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and the Molecular Ecology Research Group (MERG) at NORCE Environment. To begin navigating this Wiki, use the search text box in the upper right to search for specific subjects, or click on the links in the left sidebar.

About the aDNA Lab

The lab was built to custom specification to provide a PCR-free working environment for collection, purification and laboratory analysis of ancient DNA from marine sediments. The building in which the lab is located houses no other laboratory activities and is completely PCR-free. The entire lab space has independent positive pressure ventilation with HEPA filtration. There are no plant-based surfaces in the labs in order to minimize the risk of contamination from modern DNA in plant-based products. For latest news regarding the aDNA lab, please visit the Bjerknes and NORCE press releases Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research or NORCE article about AGENSI. For updates regarding scientific developments, please visit the project homepages of the ERC funded AGENSI project and the Polish-Norwegian collaborative project NEEDED.

Before you start working in our laboratories

No one is allowed to work in our laboratories without first completing the Lab Safety Introduction. This will be given to you by the aDNA Lab Manager. It is required that all lab users understand and agree to abide by rules and regulations before starting any lab work. aDNA Lab leadership reserves the right to revoke lab privileges from any user if rules and regulations are not followed.

Wiki Categories

All content pages are tagged with Category to indicate relevance. Categories can be individually browsed to identify pages with tagged content. All pages in the aDNA Lab wiki should have at least one Category tag.

Metrics and Maintenance

Quick links to special pages with summary statistics, including lists of wikipages with suboptimal content/structuring.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started